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Quotes taken from an interview between myself and I guess we'd better begin by talking about your background. In the early 80s, you were part of a gang of people who really kickstarted mountain biking in the UK: you, Geoff Apps, a couple of others... You were making UK mountainbikes that were very different from the US ones.

DW-S: There were a couple of people making lookalikes -- bikes that were very similar to the US ones. Geoff and I started from very different places. Geoff came from a traditional roadster background. I started off from my old fixed wheel track bike, with a high BB and really short back end. Geoff was probably the first to market with his Cleland Aventura. Highpath, my company, got going soon after.



The designer as craftsman

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I used to race as a kid. I loved riding bikes. But then I got waylaid - Life! I gave up cycling but often regretted it.

So, on my fortieth birthday, life began again - I gave myself my life back by stopping smoking. Then followed a long period of getting fit again. I started thinking and designing a bike for riding the bridleways abounding in the part of Surrey where we used to live. I actually termed it in my head, a "bridleway bike". This was well before the advent of the American mountain bikes.

I wanted a bike which was able to handle off-road work, but could also handle on-road too), but with more precision and more efficiency than any "rough stuff" or "mountain" bike I've tried. As most of my early riding was on a track bike - short, stiff and high, my starting point was quite different from the Americans'.